Coupon Savings Club Fun for the Whole Family

      If you are an avid coupon clipper or are just joining the rapidly growing number of “clippers”, there is a fun and creative way to

help increase your family’s savings through coupon use--simply by getting them all into the Family Coupon Club game.  Since the

whole family benefits from any savings made on purchases from groceries to gas, shampoo to shoes and fast-food to furniture,

why not include children of all ages as well as both Mom and Dad in the hunt for coupon deals?  Set a financial reward percentage

 for member's  “find and use” coupon savings and let the game begin.

Tips for a Family Coupon Clipping Club:

1. Set up a group of pocket folders, a different color for each member.

 2. Have each member make a list of their favorite foods, beverages, entertainments, stores, etc. to place in their folder. There may

 be duplicates of popular items so a little negotiation and supervision will be necessary here.  For instance, taking turns on use of

coupons for frequently purchased items.

3. Schedule a few times a week for clipping, sorting and initialing the coupons, but not on the barcodes.  Give the children a rotation

 plan for searching your local store coupons, Sunday paper national inserts such as RedPlum and SmartSource, and fast food flyers. 

 4. Either on their own or with your supervision, let the children find coupons on-line from dozens of website mailings that feature savings

 at department stores, movies, fast foods and a huge variety of home and family needs.

TIP: It is best to limit those coupons to purchases that you regularly make, occasionally  for something new to try on a “take turns” basis.

5. When a coupon is used, its owner receives an agreed-upon percentage of the savings in cash. Excitement will mount as those

earnings add up for the "club members".

6. Give each child a small percentage of savings when eating out on "kids free" night, or using a restaurant coupon.

7. Let children experience the spirit of giving along with fun of earning when selecting gifts for others from the close-out

 and sale tables or using a discount coupon.

8. Make an outing of shopping garage sales, searching for gently used or new items priced for great savings.  Allow only

necessary purchases, those that are on the "need" list.  You might set a few limits on the earnings for clothing purchases--for instance,

their earnings only to be spent on like items. 

9. Add a little extra earnings credit for the children when they comparison shop on-line to establish the savings on their sale “deal” finds. 

This is a great way for teens to sharpen their surfing and searching skills and take time away from game playing.

10. Shopping at the dollar store can be recorded as savings over regular store pricing.  Give children the challenge of a budget

for their birthday party supplies and turn them loose in the dollar store.

     Some very special ways that the Family Coupon Club earnings could be used is for something the whole family will enjoy – i.e., a

vacation trip, new bicycles for all, or a large flat screen TV. These shared goals for family purchases will be valuable in creating mutual

interests, special bonds and meaningful memories for the club members.

       The benefits of a Family Coupon Club are not limited to stretching the family budget and giving the children an opportunity to earn money. 

The club also creates in them, an awareness and knowledge of and curiosity about prices and money and their great importance to their

 lives.  And not the least is that it is a wonderful way to teach children creative ways to compare prices, cut expenses, budget their money

and the art of saving for special goals. 

      After playing the Family Coupon Club game, there may come a time when your family hesitates to make purchases without the

chance to save some money with a coupon or special discount offer or rebate. 


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