10 Top Rules for Ultimate Guest Comfort

 The primary reason to invite someone to a celebration is to include them, as a guest, to share in your happy time.  From the invitation to the thank you note your guests comfort must be considered. 

 1.          Be sure that you answer every question a guest may have on the invitation. In addition to when, where, why, include dress code, gift policy, times for special presentations, phone number of the event site for baby sitter.

 2.          Provide clear directions and if necessary, a map.

 3.          Guide guests to the entrance with clearly visible signs or guide-items such as balloons or lights to lead guests right to your door. Lead them from lobby to banquet room with signs.

 4.          Have an official greeter to ease those awkward moments when guests arrive and are not sure of just what to do next.

 5.          Control music volume and room temperature. Limit the use of candles in a crowded room, especially those with heavy scents which can become overpowering.

 6.          Provide name tags as an anxiety-reliever when the guests do not know each other or are distant relatives who have not seen each other in quite some time.

 7.          Assign, if not a specific seat, then a particular table so that your guests need not wander about with food and beverage in hand.

 8.          Reserve seats for elderly, parents with small children or otherwise challenged guests.

 9.          At large parties, serve from both sides of a buffet and call table numbers to decrease the wait on line. For standing-room-only meals, cut foods to bite-size requiring only a toothpick or fork.

 10.     Be prepared to serve a variety of delicious and attractive non-alcoholic drinks.

Be relaxed and comfortable yourself, to set the example for your guests. When your guests are comfortable, they will enjoy the special plans you have made for them and your celebration will be a sensational success.

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