The Fantastic Tissue Paper Flower


Tissue paper flowers are inexpensive and easy to make, yet can be a sensational feature of your party decorations or gift wrap. You can have loads of fun at your pre-fiesta "Tissue Paper Flower-making Party" where the whole family can join in. In addition, you can incorporate a flower-making class into your party activity.


Tissue Paper Flower Basic Instructions

Materials for 1 flower

2 (20" x 30") sheets of tissue paper

24" length of florist's wire or 1 paper-covered stem (craft store)

Green florist's tape


1. Layer tissue paper sheets with edges aligned.  Fold layered sheets in half lengthwise and cut along fold line.  You now have 4 (10"x 30") pieces.  Layer all 4 pieces with edges aligned. 

2. Make 1" deep fan folds along entire length of layered pieces, keeping folds and edges even.  Tip: You can hold in alignment with a staple at the center of each 10" end.

 3. Bend florist's wire in 1/2.  Slip wire over center of folded tissue paper; twist wire tightly (see diagram 1).  Use longer wire for longer stems. 

4. Cover stems with florist's tape or ribbon or dip in glue and then in glitter for a glitzy look.

5. Referring to diagram 2, cut ends of folded tissue paper for rounded or pointed petals.

6. To separate flower petals, pull up 1 layer of tissue at a time, towards the center of flower.

Tip:  Use scrap tissue clippings as confetti or glued in as contrasting color centers of flowers.

Flower Variations.


     To make smaller flowers use 3 (6" x 20") pieces of tissue paper and for larger flowers


           expand the fold size and use only 3 pieces.  You can experiment with these sizes.


Tissues of more than one color make fabulous multicolored blossoms.


Printed, iridescent or pearlescent tissue papers work beautifully for texture and interest.


Tie dye print tissue is fab for a seventies love-fests.


Mix in one or two layers of tulle, especially for weddings.


Black, white and silver tissues make a dramatic touch, with glittered stems.


 Silver or gold tissues are ideal for 25th or 50th wedding anniversaries


Touch spots of glue on the flower and dip in glitter for a sparkled look


 Use a colored pipe cleaner as a stem and wrap the flowers around napkins for a glorious table.


Use in place of a bow on a package for a lavish touch


Tie with ribbons for a fiesta favor to be worn in the hair or as a corsage


Use unusual materials like cellophane, Mylar, plastic, or stiffened sheer fabrics.


Try brown craft paper for a western party.


Small hot pink and black flowers for fifties festivities.


This information was created by Patty Sachs, author of

Pick A Party: The Big Book Of Themes and Occasions

Pick A Party Cookbook: The Big Book of Party Menus, Recipes and Table Decor.


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