Project Polaroid

By Carly Brantmeyer, photographer


The idea is simple.
$1=1 Polaroid photo, for 1 kid, that will last a lifetime.

So many children around the world have never even owned a single photo of themselves. What could be more precious of a memory than a photo of you/your family?

Carly is leaving for Ghana on August 6 and will be there until mid-December. If you have a few extra dollars that you'd like to contribute to buying Polaroid photos to give to children in Ghana, please let her know! You can contribute at her PayPal address. [email protected] (you do not need to be a member of PayPal to use it) or send your donation to: Carly Brantmeyer, 14803 Davis Trace Drive, Charlotte, NC, 28227  All donations will reach her in Ghana.

Your support is greatly appreciated. Feel free to check out the "Project Polaroid" portfolio section at Also visit her blog which she will update with new photos from Africa, as well.

Her vision is to take photography beyond US borders to share with kids around the world.

It all starts with $1. 

At this time a small portion of sales will go to support Project Polaroid.  It is our start.

Keep Smiling!


Patty Sachs