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Inviting Ideas:

Paint your invitation on a thin piece of tree bark and enclose in a well-padded envelope or box.

Print your invitation on parchment paper, roll and secure with a jungle print slap bracelet. Send in a mailing tube or create your own from recycled gift wrap, paper towel or toilet tissue cardboard tubes covered with animal print paper or plastic wrap. Seal, affix an address label and take to your post office for postage and mailing.

Create your invitation on animal print paper or parchment, roll, tie with raffia and insert into a clean, recycled plastic soda or water bottle. You can further decorate the inside of the bottle with fake or real grass and adorn the outside with animal print stickers. Seal, affix an address label and take to your post office for postage and mailing.

NOTE: When sending an unusual invitation like this, it's best to send one to yourself first to judge how long it takes to come to you and its condition upon arrival so you can make necessary adjustments.

Decorating the Lion's Lair

Purchase an 8' x 10' safari setting backdrop and use thumbtacks or non-permanent adhesive (available in office supply and art stores) to affix to your wall for a jungle setting that will make them roar.

Use stuffed toy jungle animals for centerpieces.

Rent or borrow lots and lots of tropical plants to create your own jungle. Hang toy inflatable or stuffed monkeys from the trees.

Add a warm glow to your cool party with animal print candles.

Try to set this theme party at a local zoo so the big game hunters can see jungle beasts up close.

For outdoor parties or when things heat up, animal print hand fans will add a colorful design and a cooling breeze for your guests.

Make your guests part of your décor by giving them animal print sunglasses, pith helmets, animal print inflatable shoes, animal print caps, a wild and wacky animal print derby or fedora to wear.

It may be rustic out in the jungle but your bathroom can still be jungle chic with animal print toilet tissue, guest towels and a toucan or animal print candle


Safari Supper

Dress your waitstaff in animal print or khaki shirts, shorts and pith helmets. For added adventure, supply them with affordable and inflatable animal print "shoes". Another staff (or host) costume option is to have them wear jungle or animal print attire and top their outfits with a wild feathered headdress, an animal print cap or a wild and wacky animal print derby or fedora.

Inverted pith helmets, animal print fedoras or animal print derbies can be used as serving bowls for dry snacks.

Roll animal print cloth bandanas for use as a napkin or use a paper print napkin. Secure with an animal print slap bracelet, animal print "springs" or secure with toy animal necklaces for a look they'll love.

Create your favorite punch and label it "Jungle Juice." For an added treat, serve with straws adorned with animal accents.

Make multiple diagonal cuts into your hot dogs, not quite all the way through, and fill the slits with ketchup, mustard and relish. Then tell your younger guests they're eating a "snake."

Instead of beef, consider serving your guests ostrich meat burgers.  Many specialty butcher shops carry these beefy-tasting, but low fat red meat.  Look for online sources if ostrich meat is not available in your area.  Ostrich meat also can make an excellent stew. Recycle your "cauldron" from Halloween or serve in a heavyweight stew pot. Cook over an open fire or your grill for a smoky authentic taste.

Steam fish filets in clean seaweed or banana leaves (available in specialty stores, Asian markets and the gourmet section of many supermarkets).

Cover your tables in animal print cloths or recycled matchstick blinds for a rustic setting.

If using straw cloths for your table or if you want to add a jungle feel to plain, colored cloths, serve your snacks or meal on animal print paper products.

Big Game Hunter Fun and Games

Give the kids butterfly nets to catch "wild" prey.

Set up a scavenger hunt using natural items (leaves, insects, stones, shells, and so forth) found at the outdoor party site as the objects participants must find and bring back on their list.  If the party is held at a local zoo, give them instant cameras to take pictures of specific animals housed at the zoo.

      Foam Jungle Frames (pk/12)

Take photos of your guests during the scavenger hunt or while they chasing "wild prey" and put into hand-crafted animal print frames.

Animal Print Magnetic Frames (pk/12)

 Encourage children to draw their favorite animal and then let them save their artwork in an animal print frame.

If your budget and location allows (or if it's available at the zoo where you're holding your party), bring in a petting zoo or purchase tickets for elephant or camel rides for your guests.  

Play sounds of different animals (your library may have these sound effects tapes or CDs) and have guests guess what animal is making the noise.

Create an obstacle course for outdoor events and award prizes for those who complete the tasks in the shortest time. Design different courses for various age groups.

Blow up a picture of a monkey and make copies of the monkey's tale so guests can play "Pin the Tail on the Monkey."

Bobbie Weiner Face Painting Kits for Animal Faces

Bring in a face painter (or get volunteers) to turn little faces into jungle beasts.

Add an aural element to the occasion by playing authentic African music and sounds of wild animals.

Let your guests create their own tribal masks with paper maché, paints, feathers and beads.  Super craft supply site:


Guest Goodies and Giveaways

Animal print cloth bandanas

Animal print slap bracelets

Animal print "springs"

Pith helmets

Animal print fedoras

Animal print derbies

Toucan Candle

Animal print candle

Animal print sunglasses

Children's Treasures

Tiger or Lion's Hat

Animal Finger Puppets

Animal Hand Puppets

Animal Print "Springs"

Toy animal necklaces  

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