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Make This Year Great!    

By Audri and Jim Lanford 


Featured Action Tip: A Key to Business Success -- Learning.


Today we're going to share with you perhaps the most important key to our business success. That may sound grandiose, but it's perhaps even an understatement.

First some background: Recently, Audri read a study that showed that only 10% of business owners are focused actively on learning -- they read, listen to audiotapes, take courses,
and go to seminars. Their goal is to find new and better ways to improve their results and become more successful.

Not surprisingly, these 10 percent are the ones who are most successful.

Since you're reading this newsletter, chances are you're either in that 10% -- or moving towards entering this successful group.

Here are 8 ways to gain the most benefit from what you learn:

1. Learn from people who are already successful at what you want to accomplish. Don't take advice from people who haven't "been there, done that." Lots of people who give advice are wrong -- they have opinions, but not in-the-trenches experience succeeding in what you want to accomplish. Following the advice of these people is a waste of your time
-- or worse.

This also means you shouldn't take advice from Aunt Sally, Uncle Bob, or your neighbor -- unless Sally, Bob, or your neighbor has achieved what you are trying to accomplish.
Often, people who haven't done what you want to do are naysayers -- and their (perhaps unintentional) goal is to stop you from succeeding. Don't let them!

2. Read or listen actively -- not passively. As you read or listen, always ask yourself: "How can I apply this to my situation?" Take notes. If you don't apply what you learn,
"the knowledge in the book will stay in the book" -- and you won't benefit.

3. Allocate time each week to learning. We spend between 3 and 8 hours each week learning new things. Make the time -- it's the key to your success.

4. Don't try to be perfect. You don't have to pick the very, very best thing to learn next. Just think about what would help your results, and pick that. And, when you start implementing, again, don't try to be perfect. Just do it. You can make adjustments as you go along.

5. Only buy information products if they come with a guarantee. If the author doesn't think enough of the product to offer a guarantee, don't buy it. The one exception is books
-- since you can look at books in a bookstore, they usually don't come with a guarantee.

6. Evaluate the results. We set a goal that we will earn at least four times what we spend on the books, manuals, tapes, seminars, etc. each year. At the end of each year, we look at
the total amount we spent, and we think about what we learned and how much value we got. Each year we get at least 10 times what we spent. It's a fabulous investment.

7. Judge the value, not the price. Often, a higher priced product will give you so much more value, that it is, in fact, a comparative bargain.

Here's a really extreme example of this: In 1989, Audri attended a Jay Abraham five-day seminar that was VERY expensive. Yet, the seminar came with a fantastic no-risk
guarantee, and great payment terms.

The results? During Day 3, Audri called Jim to implement an idea she had learned. Jim put this into action, and by Friday, we had earned four times the cost of the seminar in profit
that we wouldn't have had if Audri hadn't attended and Jim hadn't implemented. And, within 30 days, we implemented another idea that led to $250,000 in profit -- and gained us a
major client who bought more than a million dollars of products from us over the next several years.

So, although this seminar was exorbitantly expensive, it was a great value to us because of the benefits we gained.

8. Have fun. Learning is fun -- enjoy the process!


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