Chinese New Years Party Plans



·        Write the party particulars on a long strip of paper and insert into a fortune cookie. Mail in a cushioned box.


·        Place your invitation in a Chinese takeout box available at Chinese restaurants and party stores. Add an Asian paper umbrella and a Chinese or Green Tea bag.  Seal with a Chinese sticker and add an addressed mailing label and take to your post office to mail.


·        Pen the wording on a piece of paper and attach to a bag of Chinese or green tea.


·        Use clip art to create a Chinese laundry ticket that contains your invitation wording.


·        Invite guests to come dressed in Asian attire.


(Note:  When sending an unusual invitation, mail one to yourself first to judge its condition and to determine length of time it takes to arrive.)



Asian Atmosphere and Party Decorations:


·        Suspend a red or gold fringe drape at the doorway to your party site.


·        Fill Asian-inspired vases with dried "Japanese lanterns" found through your floral supplier and some craft stores in their dried floral department.


·        Scour thrift stores, flea markets and garage sales for Asian pottery, Buddha statues, Chinese dolls and figurines and use to fill the party site to celebrate this Chinese New Year.


·        Float white candles in bowls half-filled with red-colored water. For added glimmer, sprinkle gold glitter in the water.


·        Dress in Oriental costumes to help put your guests in the mood from the moment they enter your pagoda.


·        Open Oriental fans and suspend them with thread or monofilament from ceiling of your party site.


·        Give out Mandarin straw hats to help guests feel as if they are sailing along the Yangtze River. (It also makes a great guest gift.)


·        Since gold means a wish of good fortune, place goldfish in goldfish bowls as part of your table décor and then give to guests as a party favor.  (Be sure to give them some fish food and care instructions as well to get them started.  Remember, these fish need to be put in distilled, not tap, water.)


·        Line your walkway with colorful Chinese lanterns.


·        Play Chinese music found through your library or buy a collection of Chinese music to put guests in an Asian frame of mind.


·         If the party is indoors, replace your lampshades with paper lanterns.


·        Suspend a paper dragon over your dining table.


·        Mount a Chinese-styled "Happy New Year" banner over your front door or garage to welcome guests to your celebration.



Asian Activities:


·        Set up a couple of games of Chinese checkers.


·        Let guests read their fortune from a fortune cookie or have them make up their own to share with other guests.


·        Bring in a local Judo, Karate or Chinese acrobatic group to put on an exhibition for your guests.


·        Research Chinese characters for common words and let your guests try their hand at copying them.


·        Teach guests how to use a pair of chopsticks. Then hold a contest to see who can pick up the smallest object the fastest with them.


·        Rent or borrow from your library movies or travelogues with a Chinese locale or theme. Try “The World of Suzi Wong,” “Flower Drum Song,” “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon,” “Joy Luck Club, “ “Year of the Dragon” or any other Asian videos that appeal to you.  You don’t need to leave the sound on, just play the video for added atmosphere.





·        Asian design paper plates and accessories will still set the mood and in true Chinese tradition.  If you prefer, use plain red and/or gold plates or tablecloths with coordinating flatware to top your table. These colors mean good fortune to your guests.


·        Paint your guests' names on hand fans with Asian paintings on each guest’s plate for décor, place card and a favor.


·        Use colorful slap bracelets for napkin rings.


·        Put a set of chopsticks at each place setting for the more adventurous diners along with traditional flatware.


·        Almost any Chinese take-out dish will be more festive when decorate with paper umbrellas.


·        Serve your meal on bamboo or rattan trays.


·        Provide goldfish crackers in a goldfish bowl.


·        Dish up vanilla ice cream topped with pineapple chunks and a fortune cookie in lighted cocktail glasses for dessert.  Garnish with small paper umbrellas.



Party Prizes/Favors:


·        Mandarin hats


·        Hand fans


·        Paper dragons



       Favors                     Party Goods             Tableware               Decorations


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