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From the Clark Howard Site:

Visit his site for money-saving options in every area of your life!  Watch him every Saturday and Sunday on HLN--Noontime, Eastern Standard Time.


Coupons: - Online coupon codes - Weekly specials from local shops - Online coupon codes - Online clothing deals - Up-to-the-minute list of the best available sales and offers
Nifty News & Decent Deals - One-stop guide to everything interesting and cheap
*** - Grocery coupons and more - Store coupons and more - Coupon codes and more - Store coupons and more - Grocery coupons and more - Huge list of links for coupons and bargains - Coupons delivered to your cell phone - Remove your name from catalog mailing lists for free  Donna Montaldo with some serious coupon strategies.,  Now here is another site/blog that will knock your socks off with ideas for money-saving strategies.  This woman writes articles and blogs that alert you to the latest in coupon savings. Check it out for bargains, discounts, offers on a daily basis.  A wide variety of opportunities--or Shoppertunities as T.J. Maxx says.

Now this is great!! Click here for the Savings Angel site.  Learn ways to save incredible amounts of money by knowing what your local stores are offering.  Not all states have it, but check in and see if yours does. 

Painless Penny Pinching  This site is not just coupons for food and beverage, it is much more about saving money on most every purchase you make.  Loads of great advice for those in every income bracket and interest level, for personal or business purchases. A nice variety of free stuff, coupon offers 
	and discounts, 
plus earnings opportunities to explore.

SAVE and SHARE  not only helps consumers by listing great coupons, but also we
help charities by donating 50% of our profits back to them. It really sets
us apart from the rest of the sites out there (especially in this economy
where charitable giving has declined significantly).

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