He's your biggest hero, first love, fiercest protector, and the smartest man on earth...he's your father.



Festive Fact


In 1966 Lyndon Johnson signed a presidential proclamation that the third Sunday in June was to be Father's Day and Richard Nixon established it to be a national observance in 1972. To you, however, one day a year isn't often enough to say "thanks, Dad."



Here's how you can honor this very special man on Father's Day or any day. Although this party plan is geared to a dad who loves fishing, it will serve as an outline for whatever hobby suits your dad's fancy.


Let's Go Fishing, Dad


Unless he's the one who brings in the mail or checks it daily, locate the place that your dad is most likely to find your invitation. It might be in his briefcase or appointment book, inside his newspaper, on his steering wheel, or attached to the TV remote. It doesn't matter where it is just as long as he sees it.


Draw a fish shape on cardboard, cut it out and decorate it, write your invitation on it or tuck it inside a fish-shaped tie or the local fishing report with wording like this: "No need to "fish" for compliments. We "reel-y" think you're the best, Dad. Hope you "fall for the bait" and join us..."


Fisherman's Feast


If Father the Fisherman was successful, then the best part of fishing is getting to eat the freshly caught catch. If not, purchase your fish fare at the market or a nearby seafood store.

Not only does fish taste best when it's grilled and eaten outdoors, it also leaves the odor outside of your house, so by all means plan on a barbecue.


When you have caught or bought a variety of fish that's not enough to feed the crowd, put them all together for a seafood stew.


Follow this up with grilled filets, skewered shrimp, or stuffed clams – whatever suits your catch or purchase.


Chips and Tips


To remove the smell of fish from your hands, rub in lemon juice and wash as usual with warm, soapy water.



If the only thing he likes about fish is catching it, make him whatever he wants to eat...without any mention of calories or fat content.


If cooking is not possible, what else could you serve to dad? A hero sandwich, of course!  Load it with seafood salad, perhaps, to follow the theme. It's a meal he can wrap his hands around. Order the “big sandwich”, sometimes 6 feet long, for a whopper of a crowd.


Shindig Sayings


Definition:  hero sandwich


In New York a sandwich made with French or Italian bread, cold cuts and toppings (lettuce, tomato, onions, peppers, olives, etc.) is called a hero sandwich. In New England it's a grinder, while in Philadelphia it's called a hoagie. The folks in New Orleans call it a muffaletta. Those on the west coast call it a submarine, or sub, for short which is also a popular name due to the Subway (TM) fast food franchise.  Whatever it's called, everyone will agree it's a favorite.


No matter the menu, let dad enjoy it in his favorite easy chair, hammock, or at the dining room table set with the "good dishes and glasses" usually reserved for special company. Let him know there's no one more special than
him, your admired angler.


Antics and Activities


Besides fishing, indulge dad in the recreation of his choice, or put together an afternoon of leisure activities you know he'll love.


Make a scrapbook of notes you've written reminding him of all the special things he's done for his family. Accent the remembrances with photo illustrations, clip art, or pictures from magazines.



Festive Facts


Mark Twain wrote, "When I was a boy of 14, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be 21,  I was astonished at how much the old man had learned in seven years."



Sit with him and watch the game of his choice or rent a classic "dad" movie such as "Life with Father," "Father's Day," "Parenthood," "Mr. Mom," or "Father of the Bride." Otherwise, if he prefers, he can watch movies made by
"other action heroes" – Bruce Willis, Matt Damon, Sean Connery, or Pierce Brosnan.

If Dad's a sports fan, transform the house into "Sports Central" and turn on every TV set to a sports show. Videos of classic sports heroes like Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, or Jim Thorpe will also give Dad enjoyment.

For the musical or artistic father, put together a skit or sing-along with all his family members involved telling him how great he is.

Cyber dads will love it if you design a website proclaiming to the world how special your dad is, and unveil it in a special ceremony at the party.

Present him with a proclamation to make your admiration "official."

Whereas, you are the best husband and father in the world,

Whereas, you are the head of this family, our father, husband and friend,

Whereas, we appreciate every sacrifice you have ever made for us,

Now let it be known that as of this _____ day of June, _______, our dad,
____________________, shall be known as "Father of the Century."

Insofar as this will be known, his family promises to:
Wash and wax his car without complaint,
Tell him we love him,
Mow the lawn or do whatever other routine chores he wishes to relinquish to us to be performed without being reminded,
Not ask for money all day,
Never once say, "But, Dad...,"
and Cease all household disagreements,

We hereby resolve all of these to be true, sworn to and signed by his loving family:

________________________ ______________________________

________________________ ______________________________


Decorating Dad's Den


Since it's said a man's home is his castle, why not decorate it to look like one.


Cover his favorite chair in velvet fabric or a rich-looking blanket or bedspread.


Perch a crown on the top back of the chair to show it's fit for a king. If he doesn't have a reclining chair, stack pillows or provide a foot rest by his favorite place to sit.


Put out magazines on fishing, golf, motor sports – whatever his interest – within close reach of his easy chair. Fill his clean (or new) minnow bucket with ice to cool his favorite beverage.


Fill the dining room with the glow of candlelight befitting the special occasion you are celebrating. To stay with the fisherman flow, arrange flowers and greens along with small fish decorations in a wicker fishing basket. Tie napkins with fishing line attached to decorative flies, corks and bobbers.


Chips and Tips


Clear the area of any bills or anything that might serve as a reminder of chores that need to be done once this "King for a Day" celebration is over.



Make the room as comfortable and regal as you would to suit the king that he is.


Alms for a King


Give dad reminders of his very special day and to tell him that even though you may not show it, every day is Father's Day.



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Excerpted from The Complete Idiot's Guide to Throwing a Great Party by Phyllis Cambria and Patty Sachs, 2000