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Foil Stamped Event Folders

Great fine quality cardstock folders with elegant foil imprinting.  These are the stock designs to purchase plain add your imprint message.

  Foil Stamped Event Folders

50 Piece Minimum
Lightweight smooth finish
Available for horizontal and vertical photos
Side-load construction
Accommodates a 4" x 6" print

$0.80 Each
To discuss further personalization options call 904-272-0959

Black Horizontal, Black Vertical, White Horizontal, White Vertical

Choose from 1 of 12 stock imprints:

BB- Baseball

BK- Basketball

FB- Football

SB- Soccer Ball

GC- Golf Classic

GT- Golf Tee

RO- Rose Oval

DC- Dove Cross

SS- Sparkle Shine

CD- Cards Dice

GR- Graduate

HR- Heart Rays

Gold, Silver, Black, Red

       To add further personalization the cost is .20 cents per frame plus a $40.00 one-time plate charge.  Call or e-mail for ordering instructions.

Holiday Imprinted Event Folders,

can be customized for your event, or with your greeting.



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