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The Greeting Cakes Company LLC

Don't just send a card when you can send a PARTY!

The Greeting Cakes Company LLC offers a fantastic item for fund raising campaigns.  Everyone will want their own for fun and festivity on the spot. All of the ingredients for a 4" mini-cake: mix, frosting, sprinkles and even a candle.  Just add water, mix and bake for under 2 minutes in the microwave oven in the provided acrylic container.  INSTANT CELEBRATIONS!!

Your group will sell and buy these "better-than-a-card" greetings with enthusiasm.  Cakes are labeled for all the popular greeting sentiments plus some very special ones for current causes.  Need a custom label?  Not a problem at all.  We can design one or use your design for just a little more. Take a look at all the designs and the fundraising page and then contact Patty Sachs for further fund raising details.  


Information for Fund Raising Committees

To educate your fund raising team send them to explore and study areas of this site that pertain to their role in the project http://www.drcharity.com/marketing.html

The following links will take you to some creative and innovative ideas for your next fund raiser whether it be a small event or a gala.  You'll find a wealth of ideas to set-up and implement events and themes for projects both off and on-line.  There is sure to be information for an event or product that is perfect for your group and goal.


This is an awesome site that lists and describes dozens upon dozens of fund raising projects by the theme title.  Clever and appealing programs and events to inspire and motivate you to defining the perfect one for your group.


Visit this site to investigate the tax laws in your town before you launch into planning your fund raiser.  Every state is different so you will want to be certain that your plan will work in your home state and town.




This is a fun site with some novel ways to raise funds for your group.  A spoof beauty pageant, your own party store, and other novel ways to fill your fund coffers with cash.


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