Fall Harvest Brunch Plan



Table Décor



  • If you live near an apple farm, go apple picking.

  • Cut cored apples into thin slices and dry them with a food dehydrator or in your oven on cookie sheets for two to three hours at 2000F. Then use fall-colored ribbons or raffia to string apples and cinnamon sticks to create an apple garland that guests can take home as party favors.

  • Give each guest a small, stretched piece of artist’s canvas, a collection of leaves, spray glue, paint brushes and acrylic paint in autumn colors. Have guests paint a background on their canvas, then let paint dry. They can then create arrangements of leaves and spray mount them onto the canvas for their own fall masterpiece. Another option is to place the leaves onto the plain canvas. Then, using spray paint, they spray over the top of the leaves, covering the canvas. Remove the leaves and they have a creative outline of their leaf design.

  • Send guests into your yard for a scavenger hunt of different types of leaves, acorns and pine cones. The person who collects all of the items the fastest wins a prize.

Giveaways to Go:

  • A bag of apples

  • An apple garland

  • A cinnamon or apple-scented candle

  • A collection of low-fat, low-sugar recipes mounted onto 4 X 6" sheets of fall-colored construction paper and bound with raffia.

  • A souvenir framed Polaroid photo in an autumn leaves or pumpkin design.


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