Holiday Office Party Solutions

Instead of hosting the same old ho-hum holiday party, here are some great ideas for celebrations your employees will look forward to.

        Be sensitive to the beliefs of all your employees.  Don't host a Christmas party. Plan a non-denominational event instead.  Select a theme like "Winter Wonderland," "Toy Soldiers" or a "Snowman Sock Hop."

        If possible, try to hold the party away from the office to make the occasion more festive.

        Consider hosting a family event instead of an employees-only party.

        At parties where liquor is served, make arrangements to safely transport your employees to their homes after the party.

        For a party-on-the move, charter a bus and take employees on a tour of the best decorated homes and businesses in your area.  Serve refreshments on board and have entertainment to keep the party lively in-between stops.

        Instead of hosting a typical event, invite employees and their families to attend a theatrical production such as "The Nutcracker" or a choral group performing holiday songs.

        In this season of sharing, make it easy for employees to give by setting up a collection of toys and non-perishable foods to be distributed to area charities.

        For interactive fun, rent out an ice skating rink for employees and their families to enjoy.

        To ensure the greatest appeal, get employees input into the holiday celebration by forming a committee to work on the event.

Make the holidays merry for your employees, and reap the rewards of their dedication and hard work throughout the year.


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