This sample plan was designed in 2002, some resources may not be available now so write if you need help finding anything.

Hello, sports fans, here's a party plan designed especially for

Michael and Paul's bar mitzvah!



(Michael and Paul's Sports Network)


Here are some ideas to turn the Grand Ballroom of the Resort into sports party central.

  ·        Place multiple TV monitors with a VCR attachment around the party site.  These can be set up through a cable hook-up to various sports stations or you can rent or buy sports highlight tapes to keep up the visual reference of a sports channel. The monitor stands can be covered with plain cloths and then affix the logo you have created for MPSN or you can cover them with sports-themed tablecloths

·        Have cardboard cutouts of the boys made and post them with cutouts of other sports celebrities  to greet your guests. (See resources)

·        To accommodate all the kids, you can extend the head table into a giant U shape .You also can create a backdrop to the "set" with a large screen TV set to a sports channel or showing highlight footage from taped shows or purchased highlight tapes or simply create an MPSN backdrop.

·        To act as place cards, decor and party favor, on the back of each kid's seat drape a sports item imprinted with the name of the kid guest, These can range from tee-shirts to official sports shirts from favorite teams depending on taste and budget.

·        Drape a pair of pom-poms on the backs of all the rest of the guests' seats.  These will add color and can be used by the guests to cheer the hosts as they are announced and make their entrance.  They also will serve as a fun prop for use while dancing and also will serve as a favor.  These can be in assorted colors or the colors of the boys' favorite team(s). Pom-poms can used in table decor, room decor and to accent other areas of the site.

·        For additional color and fun, hang sports pennants.  These can be from official teams or you can create your own with the MPSN logo.  These are easily done with felt and hot glue.  You can intersperse these with balloons for added style.

·        During your cocktail hour and/or at the beverage stations during the party, continue the theme with sports-themed napkins



·        Scatter bendable sports figures on the tables.  Fun for kids and adults.

·        Hang sports posters around the "set."  You can find these at

*    Add posters from local events, if available.

·        Set up a score board design.  This can be the DJ music request board or the sign-in board for the guests.

·        A sports-themed box of goodies would work well as a gift and/or centerpiece/prize.

·        If the DJ brings in dancers, suggest they come dressed in cheerleading costumes to help set the theme and to escort in the guests of honor.  They will then add to the decor.  In fact, you might want to dress the DJ in sports-related clothes.

·        Take action, full-length photos of the boys in their uniforms.  Have mirror-image copies of each reproduced in a large format (8 x 10 or larger) on a color copier on heavy stock, affix the mirror images to foamcore.  Cut out the figures, attach to a base and use as your centerpieces.  These can be further adorned with mylar sports balloons.

·        Take a photo of the boys in a team uniform.  Between them have them hold up a blank poster board.  Then reproduce this photo on a color copier (at least an 8x10 size) in a heavy stock, one for each table you will have.  Slip this into the table number holder (generally provided by the catering facility) and hand-write with marking pen each table number on the poster they're holding in the photo for a sporty way of leading your guests to the correct table.

·        Another option for table numbers: Write them in heavy black marker on helium-filled basketball balloons to float above the table for easy visibility..

·        Put together a show of slides showing the boys in various sports situations.  Captions and special effects will make it show biz.  This can be flashed on a large screen behind the bandstand or shown as a special event.


·        Have the DJ announce the family as they come with siblings as team members, parents as coaches, and bar mitzvah celebrants as MVPs and hosts of the broadcast.  Have everyone enter to the "Rocky" theme or a favorite sports song.  For added excitement, have a marching band (or drum majorette and recorded band music) lead the guests and hosts into the party area.

·        Have a special theme song created for the "broadcasters" with details of their lives interweaved throughout the song.

·        Write custom cheers and have the youngsters take the dance floor to lead the guests.

·        Call them in to dinner with a sports-themed whistle

·        Part decor/part activity, kids will love taking a whack at a treat-filled basketball (baseball or football) pinata

·        To maintain the theme, create a fiberglass or formica board to resemble a basketball court and use basketball-shaped candles  for the candle-lighting ceremony.

·        Let the kids play with hand-held basketball maze games  or small, hand-held electronic games sold at electronic stores.  This will not only add some competition but will be quiet activities to keep the more-shy kids entertained and to keep rowdier ones in their seats during mealtime, the cocktail hour or when the DJ takes a break.  Put them on the adult tables and watch the "big boys" jump in on the fun too!

·        Visit sites such as,,,, or other sports sites to glean facts to be used in trivia contests.  Intersperse questions and facts about the boys in these contests.

·        Have the boys "interview" the "sports legends" in the crowd (adults) with fake microphones  or real ones attached to a tape recorder.

·        Dress your waitstaff in striped referee-style shirts.

·        Set up the food during the cocktail hour like a concession stand.  If you opt not to do this for the adults, you can still set up a hot dog machine and a popcorn machine for the kids.  Mini-donuts and cotton candy, although not exclusively sport food---is a great hit.

·        Set up computers with sports games or wire them into a sports site to play games on the site.

·        Rent one or more interactive games, including a mini basketball court or electronic interactive baseball toss, for the children's activity area (see resources).

·        Show video highlights of the boys playing various sports with their friends. These can be run on a continuous play screen.

Party Favors and Prizes:

·        Basketball inflatable hat

·        Make up sports cards with the twins' images and their "stats" on the back.  These can be given to each guest. (See Resources)

·        Foam basketball visor  Add a foam basketball and it becomes a hat and game at the same time.

·        Plastic basketball-style baseball cap **

·        Basketball mask **

·        Baseball mask

·        Basketball whistle**

·        Personalized basketball bank**

·        Foam basketball, baseball and/or football

·        Assorted sports keychains

·        Sports pencils

·        Basketball sunglasses  , baseball sunglasses , or football sunglasses will bring their good times into focus.

**Other sports styles available on same site.

Gifts for the Hosts...what a great way to say "Thank You" for a fantastic Bar Mitzvah weekend...for a baseball theme, check out the Ballgame Bundle

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Interactive games available in 50 states --

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Auction site for sports props, photos, banners, posters, etc. --

Cardboard Cutout Figures  Celebrity cutouts and customized of your guest of honor.

Imprinted shirts, wrist bands, head bands, bags, towels or any other item you need.  Ask for Terry and tell him Patty Sachs suggested you call…he’ll work with you.  


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Custom Songs, "all about them in song"  by SongSendsations Custom songs

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This party plan has been custom designed by Phyllis Cambria and Patty Sachs of  The products mentioned are not guaranteed by but mentioned to give the host direction in coordinating this plan.

We know that one could not use every detail in this party plan, but have listed several ideas in each area to give the host options to meet budget and taste and style of event desired.

Please feel free to contact us at: [email protected] or [email protected]

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Best of luck with your party plan and congratulations to your family on this most special occasion.


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