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Hi Party People!

It's summertime and it's time to start partying.  That means fun with picnics, graduation gatherings and summer celebration favorites -- beach parties and luaus.  And we've taken all the guesswork out of all those party plans for you!  Here are our four favorites that are so complete all you have to do is buy the stamps, place a couple of easy orders, and get ready to party!


It's been a long haul for you and your graduate to get him or her to their commencement day.  And this is a day that must be celebrated in style...your style that is.  Many parties have been postponed for later in the summer to coincide with family vacation plans and to get them out of the glut of graduation celebrations, so it's not too late to plan one for your great grad.  Check out our great grad party plan.


This summer, whether your seaside, lakeside or landlocked, make like Gidget and Moondoggie or Frankie and Annette (are we dating ourselves or what?) and plan a beach bash for all the surfer dudes and dudettes in your group.  This is one of our Fun & Frugal Party Plans© and it gives you all the ways to have a great time on a barely- there budget.  So start planning your "beach ball" by heading over to Beach Party


It's all the way USA, with our Patriotic Party Plan that's just in time for the Independence Day Celebration.  And for those party people who don't live in the U.S., take these ideas and adapt them to your national holiday events.  Create your own festive Flag Flying festivity. Click Here


This party is so tropical we'll bet you'll start to hear the ocean pounding and ukulele start plinking!  After you read this party plan and host your own feast, you'll know why luaus are a perennial party favorite.   The fun's all here.  Aloha!




bulletHere's a company with a cute collection of pinătas for every type of celebration. Check out Party Pinătas from Azetec Imports. You can visit them online at or call them toll free at 1-888-PINATAS (1-888-746-2827).
bullet Give your party real bite with Billy Bob teeth. That's right, teeth! If you loved Austin Power's grin or want to find some rhinestone studded variety for your Disco Don, this company has an hysterically funny variety. Visit their site at
bullet For Mardi Gras, Carnivale or any costume ball, some of the most beautiful masks in the world can be found at Mask Italia. These Venetian imports are beautiful enough to use to decorate your home. Look for them online at
bullet We loved the catalog for fifties wearables, props and accessories. Really a fun site. Take a look!

 When contacting any of these suppliers, please tell them you heard about them from Phyllis and Patty at


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(Both Phyllis and Patty field questions from Here are a couple that merit sharing.)

Question -Does a 2 1/2 year old flower girl have to pay for part of the cost at a bridal shower that is put on by the bridal party?

 Patty’s Answer - Actually, not even the bridesmaids are required to pay part of the cost. They may if they wish to. The hostesses (who have volunteered to) bear the burden of cost for the event. This doesn't mean the little girl can't bring a special treat like nuts or mints or a special decoration (her own artwork) for the table.

 Bridesmaids are eligible to throw the shower, but are not obligated. That fact most often gets mixed up in people's minds.

 Phyllis's Answer- While I agree with Patty that bridesmaid are not obligated to pay for anything other than their bridesmaid's outfit, these days, it is not uncommon for bridesmaids/maid/matron of honor to contribute toward a shower or bachelorette party. Flower girls, junior bridesmaids and pillow boys/ring bearers, on the other hand, are not put in the same potential financial category as older attendants and they, nor their parents, should not feel it necessary to make a monetary contribution to any parties for the bride and/or groom. They can, of course, participate in appropriate celebrations, and may even assist in helping with guests, passing food, creating some decor or other small contribution to the event(s).

Question: My son is graduating in three weeks. When should I send out the invitations?

Phyllis's Answer:  One to three weeks ago! Invitations to milestone occasions, holiday celebrations, weddings or other events such as the busy, party-filled, graduation season should go out 4-6 weeks in advance to ensure the greatest number of guests will be able to attend. Get on the phone immediately and alert guests that an invitation will be arriving soon.



For party planners, work-at-home moms or fund raising chairs. Here is a perfect idea for parties and fund raisers--for fun and for profit!  This thorough and comprehensive e-book was created by a professional fund raiser who has specialized in creating themed treasure hunts. This great how-to book that is filled with specifics and details could start you in a new career!  Complete information: Click Here!


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 Until next time, have some fun in the sun this summer!

 Phyllis Cambria and Party Sachs

Authors of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Throwing a Great Party

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