My Funny Valentine Party

 for Couples, Singles, Adults or Kids

By Phyllis Cambria


  Reproduce a recent photo of you and your honey and use as your invitation stock. (If 8x10 prints are out of your budget, use color copies instead, even if it’s a black and white shot.) Affix to a cardboard heart .

  Find photos or postcards of Hollywood's best-known on-screen or off-screen couples -- Bogie and Bacall, Tracy and Hepburn, Astaire and Rogers, Rhett and Scarlett or current couples and use the back of the picture to send the party particulars.  This is particularly fun if it's not a couples-only party.  Use the postcards as a "casting call" for a new male heartthrob or leading lady.

 Invite guests to come dressed as their favorite romantic duo.

 For a heart-felt invitation, send out your Valentine invitation in a heart-shaped frame.


              Invite adult guests to your love-fest with a sweet message on a heart-shaped



              For children, use whimsical Valentine’s note pads. Best of all, the invitation

            doubles as a party favor!  Now isn’t that sweet?


              Let children have as much fun creating the invitation as planning the party by

                 giving them Valentine stickers or self-inked hand stamps to form designs.


              They’ll go wild when they see an invitation trimmed in animal print, heart-shaped

                 stickers or written on an animal print, heart-shaped notepad.


             Put yourself in the mood to pen Valentine‘s invitations with a

                  whimsical heart pen.

             Trim your invitations with an unconventional, but beary-cute Cupid

     For a girls night only Valentine’s Day, they’ll giggle remembering  “you’ve 

     got to kiss a lot of frogs before you meet a prince,” with invitation stock  or 

       stickers  which  look a lot like one of Kermit’s royal relatives.


  If you think the dating scene is a jungle out there, animal-shaped

     heartthrobs will keep you in a “hunting” frame of mind while you write your


             Send along heart-design pencils and ask your guests to “pencil in” the date for

                 your Cupid celebration.



          Roll out a red carpet from the street to your front door.

             Line your walkway with luminarias you created from red snack bags sand,

                votive  candles and a heart-shaped paper punch


          Create a table filled with hearts and flowers-patterned paper goods  or

                   Harlequin hearts design.


            If you prefer to bring out the animal magnetism in him or her, set your spread  

              using  animal print products


             Let them know they arrived at Cupid Central with a Valentine welcome banner at

                your front door.


                 Illuminate the night with all the red and white candles you purchased at the after-

               Christmas sales.


          Wear your (illuminated) heart  on your sleeve or anywhere else you choose.

Dangle hearts over your dining table or from your chandelier.

Drape your space with hearts and cupids

Tack big, red, hot (mylar) lips to your walls, ceilings and doors and flash your kissing heart light  to get your guests in the mood for amore.

Play around with your heart strings  (beaded hearts on a string) by spreading them on your tables for color and fun.


          Encourage a collection of love letters by decorating your mailbox with



           Line the path to your palace of love with a series of Valentines.


           Turn one of your home’s artificial decorative trees into a love bush with blown

                 or spun glass ornaments.


           Be prepared to cool things down when they heat up by giving your guests a

                 heart-decorated hand fan at each place setting.


           Let that special someone know “your heart” reacts to their slightest touch with

                 a plasma heart-shaped lamp


          You’ll bring smiles to their faces and a lighthearted look of love with a

                  bouquet of smiley-face balloon hearts.

  What to tell him, her or them how you feel but can’t find the words? 


   Display a bouquet of heart-shaped balloons imprinted with the words of 

        love in your heart, if not on your lips.

    Fill the room with helium-filled hearts.

  If your idea of a Valentine’s party starts with breakfast in bed, then a heart-        designed mug is perfect for something hot.


            Greet each female with a lighted silk rose  that shines with your admiration

.            Give  the  men a blinking heart to wear  to prove your heart is in the right place.

          Gather the gang to sing sentimental or silly movie songs ("Abbadabba



              Nothing sets the mood for romance better than a collection of love songs and

             here  is a list of music you can dance to from now until next Valentine's Day no

             matter  what your favorite music style is.

  Here's a game that will bring grins.  Get into a circle and start a     ball/balloon going around from player to player keeping the ball/balloon in the air at all times. However, before someone can toss the ball to the next person, they must say a the title of a love song or romantic movie (no repetitions, please).  If they stop moving the ball within 2-3 seconds, they're out.


   Unwrap My Heart is a fun game which you do by wrapping a heart-shaped box of chocolates in 9 or 10 layers of gift wrap or tissue. Sit everyone in a circle and play music and pass the box around like a "hot potato." When the music stops, the person holding the package removes one layer of wrapping.  Their "reward" for getting a chance  to unwrap the present is that they have to perform a trick, sing a song, dance, tell about their first kiss, or something silly like trying to whistle with a mouthful of crackers.  Repeat until the last layer of wrapping has been removed. The last person keeps the present.


   For folks who want to "get a little closer," you can't miss with Pass The Orange.  Line your guests into two or more groups of 4-6 people. (Alternate sexes if you want.)  They must pass an orange from person to person, without using their hands.  It's generally done, chin-to-chin.  A variation on this is to pass a balloon from person to person without using their hands.  That's generally done chest-to-chest or occasionally chest-to-legs or legs-to-legs.

            Need some inspiration?  Pop in a selection of romantic stories in your DVD

                 or  VHS.

  If Cupid’s arrow missed their target, let your guests release their frustrations and take a crack at giving a whack at a heart-shaped or love bug piñata and see if they get “bit” back with candy and prizes.

          See if your aim is any better than Cupid’s with a heart-shaped dart game.


          Use a heart-shaped tic-tac-toe board to play with or to use to serve treats.

  Toss more than your heart in the ring with a wooden or inflatable heart-shaped ring toss game.

  If his heart seems more in the game of golf than you, grab his attention with a heart-shaped golf game.

  When your love life is up and down, match the action with heart-design yo-yos.

  When you’re guests are puzzled by the ways of love, see if they have any more luck with heart-shaped puzzle games.

  “Brand” the one you love to let others know he or she is taken with heart- shaped tattoos.


            Use Valentine cookie cutters to cut bread for hors d'oeuvres, sandwiches or

            sugar cookies to keep your guests (or kids) in a sweet mood.

             Tie white napkins with red heart-shaped beads  or a glow bracelet.

               Pull cloth or paper dinner napkins through Valentine cookie cutters.

              If the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, you'll love trying out any

             one  these dozens of made-for-love Valentine's Day recipes from The  Gourmet

             Sleuth.  Or, prepare recipes from the best-selling Music and Menus for Romance

             set complete with "music that sets the mood" on CD.

            Add power and passion to your potent potables with a heart-shaped straw,

  You’ll get a bear hug from your kids if you serve their soft drink in a

        beary cute cup and straw.


  Show them how much you care with glasses decorated with pink and red


  Wrap up napkins with a candy-bracelet that doubles as a napkin ring.

   Toast romance with heart-stacked stem glasses'

Party Favors Finale:

  Mark their leftover treat take-home box with some heart-design stickers to let them know you cooked their food with love.

  Kids will love having a treat and a toy when you give them their candy hearts in a plush pouch or candy container in the shape of their favorite animal.

          Instead of store-bought pre-made boxes of chocolate, fill a heart-shaped box

            with sweet treats of your own design.


            You’ll pull more than their heartstring with a pull-string Valentine treat bag            

             filled  with  sweet hearts.

  Share more than your heart of gold, when you give them a Valentine-decorated treat sack filled with gold-wrapped chocolates.

  Give that special someone the key to your heart on a key chain that has a    light…to help him or her find the way.

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