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This total Valentine's Day party plan has been created by award-winning party planner and author Phyllis Cambria   for To make your planning even easier, we've included links to quality party supplies hand-selected by this party pro.


An Invitation to an Evening of Love:

·        Invite guests to come dressed as their favorite romantic duo.


·        Find photos or postcards of Hollywood's best-known on-screen or off-screen couples -- Bogie and Bacall, Tracy and Hepburn, Astaire and Rogers, Rhett and Scarlett or current couples and use the back of the picture to send the party particulars. This is particularly fun if it's not a couples-only party. Use the postcards as a "casting call" for a new male heartthrob or leading lady.


·        Invite couples to come dressed as their favorite romantic duo.


·        For a heart-felt invitation, send out your invitation in a sweetheart of a frame.


·        For a "girls night only" Valentine’s Day, they’ll giggle remembering “you’ve got to kiss a lot of frogs before you meet a prince,” with these adorable blinking frog magnetic pins attached to your invitation.


·        The "girls" will also say "Boop-Oop-A-Doop" when they receive a Betty Boop invitation to "girls only" party featuring the original "it" girl.



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Darling Décor:

·        They'll get your message loud and clear when they arrive to find your custom Valentine's banner saying "Hello, Young Lover" whatever their age.


·        Roll out a red carpet from the street to your front door.


·        Lead them into your "tunnel of love" with a heart-shaped foil curtain.


·        Line your walkway with luminarias you created from red or white snack bags, sand, votive candles and a heart-

shaped paper punch design you've punched no more than two-thirds down the bag's side.

·        Illuminate the night with all the red and white candles you purchased at the after-Christmas sales.


·        Wear your illuminated heart on your sleeve or anywhere else you choose.


·        Dangle hearts over your dining table or from your chandelier.


·        Show a little style (and humor) with "kiss my butt" toilet tissue covered with hundreds of red lips. Or show them you love them with heart-covered toilet tissue.


·        For a Roaring 20s Valentine's theme, you guests will love the look of these blood-red gangster fedoras.


·        Be prepared to cool things down when they heat up by giving your guests heart-decorated hand fan at each place setting.


·        Color your ceiling with a collection of pink, red and white balloons or heart-shaped ceiling décor.


·        So they'll have the look of love, give guests heart-shaped sunglasses.


·        Surround your site with columns of hearts.


·        This Valentine kit will help you if you're short on time but don't want to be short on style.



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A Table Full of Love:

·        Spread love all around your table with heart-shaped confetti.


·        Use Valentine cookie cutters to cut bread for hors d'oeuvres, sandwiches or sugar cookies to keep your guests (or kids) in a sweet mood.


·        Add some style to your seats by wrapping your chairs with feather boa chair ties.


·        Give your napkins loving and lovely flair by wrapping them with a glow bracelet, rosy red beads, heart-shaped tinsel garland or heart-shaped beads.


·        Rev up your beverages by serving them in glowing glasses or chilling them with illuminated cubes.


·        Create a table filled with hearts and charm with this sweetheart of a Valentine's Day paper plate design.


·        For a cleaner look, choose a plain red dinnerware design on a pastel pink tablecloth.


·        If you love the look of lace, but are looking for a more durable option, you'll love this affordable lacy overlay to top any plain or patterned tablecloth.


·        Your guests will cheer and be charmed by your Valentine's table with a complete sweetheart Betty Boop tabletop set.


·        Few foods are more fun than fondue. And no food is more appropriate for your Valentine celebration than chocolate. Melt your favorite chocolate flavors into a variety of fondue pots and put out pieces of dense cake (such as pound cake), bite-sized pieces of fruit or salty pretzel sticks to dip into. Feeding each other is part of the fun and may be just the thing needed to help make a love connection between you and that special someone.


·        Keep your menu to light fare. It's difficult to feel romantic on a full stomach.


(Customized Valentine's Banners)

The Games of Love:


·        Gather the gang to sing sentimental or silly movie love songs.


·        Here's a game that will bring grins. Get everyone into a circle and start a ball or balloon going around from player to player keeping the ball or balloon in the air at all times. However, before someone can toss the ball to the next person, they must say the title of a love song or romantic movie (no repetitions, please). If they stop moving the ball within 2-3 seconds, they're out.


·        "Unwrap My Heart" is a fun game which you do by wrapping a heart-shaped box of chocolates or other Valentines Day gift in 9 or 10 layers of gift wrap or tissue. Sit everyone in a circle and play music and pass the box around like a "hot potato." When the music stops, the person holding the package removes one layer of wrapping. Their "reward" for getting a chance  to unwrap the present is that they have to perform a trick, sing a song, dance, tell about their first kiss, or something silly like trying to whistle with a mouthful of crackers. Repeat until the last layer of wrapping has been removed. The last person keeps the present.


·        For folks who want to "get a little closer," you can't miss with "Pass the Orange." Line your guests into two or more groups of 4-6 people. (Alternate sexes if you want.)  They must pass an orange from person to person, without using their hands. It's generally done, chin-to-chin. A variation on this is to pass a balloon from person to person without using their hands. That's generally done chest-to-chest or occasionally chest-to-legs or legs-to-legs.



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 The Gifts and Prizes They'll Love:


·             The ladies will love a flashing set of rose-shaped earrings, a flashing rose bracelet, or a blinking rose bracelet.


·             For a "hunka-hunka burning love," guests will delight in a hearts and Elvis keychain.


·             So they can go to her with their hat in their hand to ask for her hand, gift men with a collection of hats.


·             Feather boas and feather hats will make lady feel fancy and fashionable.




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