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Vintage Western/Vintage Style Photo Frames

 For 4 X 6" , 5 X 7" and 8 X 10" Size Photos.

Cardstock Easel Back Poster Frames

Vertical and Horizontal


   Wanted 001V                  Wanted 002H               





The above 2 frames can be imprinted with your information. E-mail for information.

Parchment Design in Oval or Rectangle with Easel Back

***Minimum is 100, less than 200 may be purchased with small "case break" charge.***

4x5" Opening , 5x7" Total Size. 

Price Per 100 ($100.00 plus UPS Ground shipping)

5X7" Opening, 8x10" Total Size.

Price Per 100 ($130.00 plus UPS Ground shipping)

8X10" Opening, 11X14" Total Size 

Price Per 100 ($150 UPS Ground shipping)

***Shipping Charges determined by package weight and delivery address. Approximately $12-$15 per 100***

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