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29 Years ago, Patty Sachs, entrepreneur and promotion expert invented Coupons Ala Cart for her exchange/trade

 group of fellow coupon clippers and refunders.  It was a popular thing to do to save dollars on the food budget. 

Saving box tops and proofs of purchase was like a treasure hunt--dumpster diving was rampant.

An efficient carrier and organization system for store coupons was an obvious need.  It was important that it

held a goodly quantity of coupons, all the coupons one might "ever" need, not just the ones for the

current shopping trip.  Finding an unadvertised special for a frequently used item, when the coupons for

this item are at home is Frustration #1 for coupon redeemers.  Never mind the dirty looks from other

 shoppers behind you in the check-out line as you fumble for the right coupons.

The first Coupons Ala Cart came off the presses and the sales were exciting and healthy but after several months

it became clear that the advertising and promotion was too costly for it to be a profitable item.  Patty sold that first

run and retired the project for another time, when manufacture and marketing pricing could be better for profits.

In today's economic situation, the ghost of Coupons Ala Cart appeared to Patty in a dream and assured her that the

resuscitation of the handy and practical organizational system was vitally important right now!  So off we go--on a mission

to get these little budget-bonus boxes "rolling in the aisles"--they hang on the shopping cart handle, you know.


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