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This total Fiesta party plan is great for Cinco de Mayo, quinceanera or anytime you want to have a South-of-the-Border bash. It has been created especially for you by award-winning party planner and author Phyllis Cambria for To make your planning even easier, Phyllis has given you "QUICK TIPS AND EASY IDEAS" to plan your party when you're short on time or money. She's also designed a plan for a "BLOWOUT BASH" when you really want to make an impression.

And, to save you even more time, we've included links to quality party supplies hand-selected by this party pro.





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Invitation to a Fiesta:

  • Attach the invitation to a dried chili pepper.
  • Glue the invitation to a pack of taco seasoning mix.
  • Encourage your guests to come dressed as a señor or señorita.
  • Use a pre-printed Fiesta invitation as a quick way to encourage your guests to come join the fun.


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Decorating Your Hacienda:

  • Drape serapes, Mexican print fabric, red, green and white table covers or Latin party props on furniture and around your cantina.
  • Use dried gourds, peppers, cactus plants and bright flowers for centerpieces.
  • Recycle Christmas red, green and white party products or buy new paper goods in the color of the Mexican flag.
  • String green, red and/or white Christmas lights or chili-pepper design novelty lights around the party site.
  • It's not a fiesta without colorful tissue-paper flowers.  Teach your guests how to create their own "wild Spanish rose" by following the instructions here.
  • Hang posters, artwork, sombreros, maracas, chili peppers and piñatas around your cantina.
  • In a hurry? Purchase a complete fiesta party pack to decorate your space pronto!



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Activities – Games and Dances:

  • Get everyone up to do the Mexican Hat Dance or make them shake their maracas with the Macarena. 
  • Hire a face painter to adorn the men with mustaches and women with a floral design on their face or shoulder.
  • Play "Pass the Sombrero," a variation on the hot potato game.
  • No fiesta would be complete without letting your guests take a whack at a treat-filled piñata until it cracks.



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Fiesta Foods and Drinks:

  • Set up a build-your-own fajita, taco and enchilada bar.
  • Serve small snacks and dips in blinking or glowing margarita glasses.
  • Buy new or recycle (from your Christmas, Valentine's Day or St. Patrick's Day stash) red and green plastic eating utensils to match the Mexican flag and coordinate with your Mexican themed paper goods.
  • Serve corn and flour tortilla chips or other dry snacks in the brim of a sombrero.
  • Quench their thirst with pre-made or homemade sangria.  To make your own, combine a large bottle of sweet, red wine with orange, lemon and lime slices. The authentic Mexican variety also includes a bottle of club soda for each bottle of wine for a spritzer effect.  Add sugar or grape juice to taste if you desire a sweeter version. For children or a non-alcoholic version, create yours entirely substitute grape juice for the wine.
  • Pour pitchers of virgin and regular margaritas.  For fun, make frozen and fruit-flavored varieties. Serve in blinking or glowing margarita glasses or add square, wedge-shaped or fruit slice-shaped glowing ice cubes to your already-owned margarita glasses for festive fun.
  • Fry flour tortilla wedges in hot oil until crisp, remove, drain quickly on paper towels and immediately sprinkle with a cinnamon-sugar mixture for dessert.


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Party Favors and Prizes:

  • Give each guest a sombrero to wear during the party and take home to keep.
  • Don't forget to send guests home with an instant or digital photo in a festive frame of them with the guest of honor or in front of a Mexican scene backdrop.
  • Let them conga to their cars with maracas.




To create an over-the-top Fiesta celebration, pick and choose from these suggestions to supplement the

"Quick Tips and Easy Ideas" listed above.



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Invitation to a Fiesta:

  • Insert the invitation cut to size to fit in a plastic hot pepper sauce bottle, include tiny hot peppers, dried mini-flowers, (available at craft stores) and colorful confetti.  Decorate the outside with colorful stickers and a mailing label. Mail from the post office. (Be sure to mail one to yourself first to determine the length of time it takes to arrive and its condition.)
  • Print out your invitation on a self-stick label and attach to a Mexican flag or fiesta-print bandana.
  • Pen your invitation with a felt market on an air-filled fiesta balloon, deflate and mail.



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Decorating Your Hacienda:



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Activities – Games and Dances:

·        Make colorful, festive signs with popular Spanish words for both decoration and a word match game.



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Fiesta Foods and Drinks:

  • Use Mexican pottery or terra cotta pots for bowls or plant trays for platters.  (Since these are often not properly fired for food containers, be sure to line them with foil or plastic.)
  • Make a chili con queso dip by combining a jar of salsa with a pound of processed American cheese (Velveeta works best), cut into cubes, and melted in your microwave.  Add jalapeno peppers to taste.
  • Make Mexican Pizza using flour tortillas. Heat on a cookie sheet at 350° until they are a little crisp.  Top (or let guests build their own) with Monterey Jack and cheddar cheese shreds with your favorite salsa (offer several varieties with different degrees of spiciness as the sauce).  Place under a broiler until cheese melts.  Cut into wedges. You also can add taco-flavored meat, refried beans, jalapeno pepper slices, onions and/or olives. Serve in taco plates for added interest.
  • Serve refried beans, guacamole and Mexican rice as side dishes.
  • Grill corn on the cob, remove from the cob and mix with chopped pimento for a colorful and flavorful side dish.
  • Wrap flatware into printed theme paper napkins or use a Mexican flag or fiesta-print bandana as a napkin. Tie the package together with a chili pepper or glow bracelet.
  • Serve three versions of your favorite chili including mild, spicy and four-alarm hot versions.
  • Cut the top off and clean out a red bell pepper as charming "bowls" for guacamole.
  • Make store-bought salsa seem homemade by adding fresh, diced tomatoes and shredded fresh cilantro.
  • Top your favorite cake with fried ice cream for a south-of-the-border sweet.
  • Flan (Mexican custard) is a fun and flavorful dessert.



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Fiesta Favors and Prizes


Note: This plan includes just a small amount of party supplies available for a Fiesta theme party. You can find more party products for this or almost any theme from our carefully selected suppliers listed below. Remember, supplies may be limited, so order early to ensure you'll get your party products in time for your party.


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