Spring Fling


Couples, Singles, Adults or Kids

By Phyllis Cambria, PartyPlansPlus.com



*        There will be no doubt that there is festive fun to be found in an envelope covered with spring-themed stickers

*        Send your invitation to hop on over in an Easter treat box Just insert the invitation, seal, label, and take to your post office to mail.

*        They'll take note of your party's date when it's written on bunny-designed paper

*        They won't be able to wait for the rest of their party treats when you insert your invitation in an oversized plastic Easter egg, seal, label and take to your post office to mail.

*        Here's an invitation idea that will grow on you and your guests.  Write your invitation particulars on a label and attach to a packet of wildflower seeds.  Insert in an envelope and send as usual.


       *    Hippity-Hop your guests to your front door with giant bunny  plastic foot prints.

*        With Easter arriving so early this year, roll out a green carpet from driveway to door made from an artificial grass runner.   For your buffet table, repeat the runner in artificial moss.

*  Add a sidewalk banner to add even more party to your path.

*   Hang brightly-painted eggs from branches of your shrubs or trees to welcome your holiday guests. They will also enhance the branches of indoor plants.

*    Festoon your welcome-path, over doorways or swagged on your buffet table with funny fringe, light and delightful in a variety of colors.

*        Select a religious-themed pattern for your tableware when you choose to focus on the spirituality of Easter. Additional religious themed serving ware designs to choose from.  Add white tissue garland (Special prices) with a cross theme to your spiritual occasions.

*     What better way to welcome spring than with a floral theme  to bloom and blossom throughout your festive gathering.   Choose from Geraniums, Hydrangeas, Petit Florals and Tulips.

Tissue decorations will complete your  floral theme.  Large, lively and lovely.

*  Your guests will giggle when they see the bunny feet on all of the chairs.  An egg-ceptionally cute item, if even for the guest of honor or the kiddies.

*        Your guests will feel blessed to be invited to your Passover table when they are inspired with Star of David-patterned tableware

*        Dangle colorful inflatable eggs over your dining table or from your chandelier.

*        Drape your space with spring things  such as bunnies, lambs and flowers.

*        Use festive spring design cookie cutters as napkin rings to add whimsy to your table setting.

*        Fill pastel baskets  or pails with sweets or snacks to create a charming table setting.



*        Invite your guests to design their own special Easter chapeau for judging of "most beautiful," "most original," "best use of materials," and "funniest" hat contests and parade them around for all to see. Play a fitting backround of  Fred Astaire and Judy Garland's  version of the song  "Easter Parade."   You can also show the classic film on  your VCR or DVD player or give the book as a prize.  All found at The Easter Parade Collection

*    Teach your guests how to create their paper posies.Bright and billowy tissue paper flowers will bloom in any weather, as table decor, gift trim or even in the bonnets mentioned above.

*        Don't let sudden showers spoil your young guests' spring fun.  Lay in a stock of Velveteen Rabbit,  Peter Cottontail and spring-themed movies

*        Here's a goofy game that will bring giggles and grins.  Gather your guests into a circle and start an oversized, plastic Easter egg or pastel-colored balloon going around from player to player keeping the egg/balloon in the air at all times. However, before someone can toss the egg to the next person, they must say a the title of a spring song, book, movie title (no repetitions, please).  If they stop moving the egg within 2-3 seconds, they're out.

*   A goody-filled Pinata is the hit of any party.  Get yours in a bunny shape for a total theme effect. This is not a hare-brained scheme.

*        Baskets and Bows is a fun game which you do by wrapping an Easter basket of chocolates and treats in 9 or 10 layers of gift wrap, cellophane or tissue and colorful ribbons. Sit everyone in a circle,  play music and pass the basket around like a "hot potato." When the music stops, the person holding the package removes one layer of wrapping.  Their "reward" for getting a chance  to unwrap the present is that they have to perform a trick, sing a song, dance, tell about their first kiss, or something silly like trying to whistle with a mouthful of crackers.  Repeat until the last layer of wrapping has been removed. The last person to unwrap keeps the basket.

*  Create a photo opportunity setting and let each guest pose with a costumed character or in front of a Pastel Photo Prop.

Outfit a gregarious guest as a bunny to entertain the guests and pose for photos.

*        Set up an Easter egg hunt for kids of all ages.   There's no reason that the grown-ups can't get in on the fun with special colored eggs that are filled with adult novelties mixed in with smaller eggs filled with child-friendly treats.

*        Fill the air with beautiful music to celebrate the rites of spring.

* Visit our friends, ThePartyWorks.com for a total plan for an Easter Birthday Party.

*        Get the kids to sing and dance along with lively spring tunes like the Bunny Hop, of course.

*     Video tape your party activities both to save for showing as a party finale and to duplicate and send to family members living miles away. Think about putting past holidays videos on a DVD for a reminiscent activity at your family party. The viewing is incredibly easy when you have it on DVD.



*        Use Easter cookie cutters  to cut bread for hors d'oeuvres, sandwiches or sugar cookies to keep your guests (or kids) in a sweet mood.

*        Fill decorative baskets, buckets and bowls with side dishes, salads and sweets.

*        You'll find Easter recipes a-plenty when you type "Easter" on the FoodTV.com site

*        For meals they won't pass over, visit the Epicurious.com site   or search the FoodTV.com site for favorite Passover recipes.

*        Write each guest's name with a crayon on a plain egg, dye in your favorite manner and use egg as a place card.  The dye won't cover the area covered by the wax crayon.  Use napkin rings or one-inch rings cut from cardboard tubes (which you then decorate) as the base to hold each egg.


Party Favors Finale:

*        Wrap up tasty treats in the charming goodie bags  imprinted with fun and festive bunnies.

*        Instead of filling children with sugary treats, charm them with take-home baskets laden with spring themed toys and novelties

*        For a gift they'll enjoy now and later, fill fun hand puppets  with jelly beans and chocolates.

*        Love books?  Love to cook?  Then you'll love this FREE gift to keep or share with your guests that they won't have to hunt for.  It's "Cooking by the Book" and it contains 50 scenes and recipes from 50 books from 25 writers around the world (including Phyllis Cambria's "Easy and Elegant Country Chicken Kiev" which would be perfect for a spring supper).  You can read more about the book and download it here .

*        The fun will last until summer with spring-themed books  for the young and the young-at-heart.  

Kids, big and little will sit still for a Bug Funtoo to decorate their face or arms.

* What better than a sweet instant or digital photo with a costumed character? And placed in a full-color cardstock photo frame.  Capture the moment!


A variety of designs for Polaroid or Digital Click Here

*  Little ladies will love their dress-up and glamorous party favors

*   Set up a special tiny table for the tots with plastic chairs from the dollar store each personalized for a child to take home.    

*  The perfect gift for the new baby on your guest list is a copy of the best-selling  Pat The Bunny book.

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