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We offer expedited shipping on frames.  Call or e-mail to ascertain that the order can be shipped same day.     

Polaroid Photo Frames

(click here for 4 X 6' and 5 X 7' frames)

for Special Holiday Occasions

 We have several brand new designs this year--one

sure to be just perfect for your holiday occasion.

Frame Group #1 Folders

Very Limited quantities of these two frames in Polaroid 600 size.  Packs of 100 $60.00

Very Limited quantities in Polaroid Spectra Horizontal and Vertical (Packs of 50 $30)


Select Design/Size
Need by Date/Phone #


Polaroid 600 and Spectra Folder Designs for Festive Occasions


                                  Holiday Tree  600      Santa w/Bag   600 /Spectra Vert.  Celebrations 600      Fireworks   600


        Santa Letter Polaroid 600  (only one pack of 50)

Holiday Tree and Santa can be imprinted on inside cover only. (7 day turnaround.)

Order below in packs of 25.


Select Design
Need by date
Phone number, please.

 If expedited shipping is required you will be notified of cost before shipment.

(can be imprinted) Plain Color Polaroid Folder Frames

White (Polaroid 600)

Silver (Polaroid 600 and Spectra Horizontal)

Black ( Polaroid Spectra Horizontal)

Order Polaroid Sizes Plain Folders  .50 each in packs of 100

Select Color/Size
Need by Date/Phone #

 For imprint ordering e-mail or call 763-432-3395 CST (Patty) for personal service.

E-mail me for further information

Frame Group # 2 Easelbacks

Plain White Easelbacks for Polaroid 600

Note: These easelback frames cannot be imprinted.

  Theme Design Easelbacks for Polaroid 600, Spectra and 4 X 6"

(perfectly positioned head shots on 4 X 6 photos)

Overall measurement is 6 X 8".  Image opening is 3 X 3".

Packages of 10 @ $8.50

(Minimum 5 packs --may mix designs )


                          You and Me Toast   Holiday Party 

Theme Design 4 X 6" Digital Size Easelback

You and Me Toast 4 X 6 Easelback

Order above frames or cards here.  Minimum 5 packages, you can mix and match.   

Select Design
Need by date/Phone #


Group #3

More Holiday Theme Easelbacks for Polaroid 600

Minimum 3 packs (can mix and match)

 $8.50 per pack of 10  (order below)


     Season's Greetings   Merry Christmas       Family Portrait        Happy Holidays    

Solid Colors in Sturdy Easelbacks for Polaroid 600

(May be used with 4 X 6 Digital Photos with proper cropping and subject placement.)

Colors: Black, Burgundy, Sand, Blue and Green

$8.50 for Pack of 10 (minimum 3 packs, may mix colors)

(Overall measurement is 6 X 8".  Image opening is 3 X 3")

Order Holiday Theme or Plain Color Easelbacks for Polaroid in Pack of 10
Select Design
Need by date/Phone #

Group #4

(Can be imprinted)

See Super Special Closeouts Below.

Easelback Frames for Polaroid 600 or Spectra Photos

Overall Measurement is 6 X 6" Photo opening is 3 X 3"


                 Snowmen                  Ho Ho Ho                                 Lights                            Santa                    Snowflakes                Red Border

Order the above Holiday Theme  Easelbacks for Polaroid

(Minimum of 100 includes imprint)

Note: (Upon receipt of order, you will be contacted regarding imprint.  Allow 7 working day turnaround with

Expedited shipping.


Select Design
Need by date/Phone #
Need Imprint Info Yes/No




                                                   2 Popular Favorites Go on SALE!!!

Only .30 each in packs of 25 (minimum 2 packs)

For Polaroid 600 (3 X 3") or Spectra photos (3 X 4) or digital photos (3 X 5") 

Champagne Celebrations!

Great for New Year's Eve, weddings, anniversaries grand openings or other festive occasions.                                            

Green Holly!

Generic holiday design works for any gathering or celebrations.

Order Packs of 25 for only $7.50 (minimum 2 packs)

Select Design
Need by date/Phone #

CLOSEOUTS!! Bow Tie Formal Polaroid Spectra Vertical 3 X 4"

Ideal for New Year's Eve!!

Formal holiday events, weddings, theme and awards events.

.30 each in packs of 50

Note: The Polaroid 600 is the standard 3 X 3 " photo.  The Spectra is 3 X 4"

Order here

Note: If you need a Spectra Camera, we have them for only $50.00 and we have

Spectra film available, too, so this could be a budget-wise option to use this nifty little frame.  E-mail for information on camera.



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