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In addition to our regular event and party planning information we like to share resource information with you.  That is, information related to events you may want to attend, products and services that may be of interest and help with creating and promoting web sites or businesses on the web. These are links we have discovered in the past few months.  Whether you are a planner, host or supplier, many of these links will be of interest and value to you.  Please note that these are for information purposes only.  If you choose to use any of these companies or services, you do so at your own choosing.  As the saying goes, "Let the buyer beware."

Holiday News and Links

Louis Kemp Keep Your Cool Holiday Planner features Phyllis Cambria as their holiday spokesperson.  She shares dozens of holiday ideas, recipes, plans and more.  Visit the interactive Holiday Countdown Calendar to help you plan your celebration schedule and links to terrific information, inspiration, recipes and tons of great advice.  Click here: Louis Kemp Seafood

Our very popular
Holiday Links Page is brimming with total holiday party plans for Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, New Year's and generic celebrations along with ideas, resources and much, more.  Click right here!

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If you are in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis/St.Paul) area you may want to check into attending or exhibiting at the
Event Planner/Supplier Expo on March 5, 2003.  Planners, there will be a splendid array of vendors to add to your "Riches in your Rolodex" collection.  If you have a service or product to promote, even your planning services, you may wish to explore the exhibitor options.  
This is a great group of people with whom to network--both planners and vendors. Sign up for your tickets at  http://www.tradeshowsandevents.com     Tell Bradley Gudim, the producer, that Patty Sachs "sentcha"!

Balloon Instruction and Links:

Maxine Baird's Balloons-N-Funtimes site where you will find even more information that will help you in every area of your planning progress. Maxine Baird, the editor and publisher of the former Balloons-N-Funtimes newspaper is publishing the same great content on her new site and we wish her the best of luck.  You'll find links to expert balloon designs, supplies and other specialty entertainment information.

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Products for Planners:

Candy Warehouse (nostalgia theme party sweets) With a surge in all things retro, this is the perfect time to visit the Candy Warehouse, where you can not only order the candy you love today, you can also order the candy you loved as a child.

However, since it is a "warehouse" if you want the Squirrel Nut Zippers, you'll have to order a box of 72 for $12.96.  That makes it ideal to stock up for that next snack attack or to offer clients as an option on their next nostalgia theme party.  It's the exact type of product that will set you ahead of the pack of other planners who don't think about such details (or know where to find them!).
Click Here

More sites that offer old tyme treats: 


Countdown Clock This is a super gift for a planner or supplier to give a client upon landing the job to help build the excitement as the event date draws near.  It's also ideal for a bridal couple, graduate, expectant parents or other celebrant counting the days until their "big event."  Click here! 

Neon USA (http://www.neonusa.com) is Phyllis's secret weapon for planning spectacular, over-the-top events.  Along with their battery-operated neons (perfect for events where electrical outlets are limited or avoiding ugly electrical cords), they have great spandex linens, panels, centerpieces, props and incredible theme collections.  And, since they are all rentals, you won't be making a large investment.  They are constantly adding new products, so visit them often.  Since they ship worldwide, you'll want them for your next high power event.  Just tell Bernie that Phyllis Cambria recommended him.

Next Day Posters Here is real-time poster production and delivery service allowing customers to design custom posters online--fast and extremely affordable.  They're perfect for those last-minute occasions or when you have time to spare.  Check them out at:   http://www.nextdayposters.com/e-posters/

Wish you had a place to order short-run custom labels for special occasion personalized gifts? Look no further.  My Own Labels are for weddings, anniversaries, special events such as graduations, birthdays, bar mitzvahs or corporate occasions when imprinting or engraving is impractical, impossible or unaffordable.

Private labels for small farms, wineries, breweries, crafters, restaurants, and other small businesses are also going to love their products and services.  No Minimum Order! Visit them soon at http://www.myownlabels.com/

Treasure Hunt-Planning  A thorough and comprehensive e-book has been created by a professional fundraiser who has specialized in creating themed treasure hunts. This how-to book includes the necessary specifics and details to start you in a new career while maintaining the one you already have or adding these popular activities to your current planning business.   Treasure Hunt parties for fun and funds!  For complete information: Click Here!

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Internet Goodies:

Attention: Planners, entertainment talent, suppliers, and venues - register your company on www.alltimefavorites.com to get leads for jobs coming up in your area.  It is free, except for sending Brian a fair commission when you get work. This is a wonderful example of the honor system and networking. 

Planning Tool: EZEventplanner.com This is a free site for your event planning organization. You don't download it, you just log on and make your plans. Take a look at it, it could be just what you need. 

Free Clip Art:
Have you ever been looking for free clipart, but find yourself running through endless "TopSites" or pages that boast clipart, but really have none? It can be really frustrating. We've located a couple of sites that are really all about clipart, not just disguised referral sites. Here they are: 321Clipart.com GoGraph.com (This is a little slow to load.) 

However, ClipArt.com has an affordable, HUGE and easy-to-navigate clip art service. Phyllis uses it often and it has not only provided her with excellent clip art, but also has saved her hours of going through the free programs which are not as extensive or excellent. 

Here's a neat site for the scoop on Bachelorette Bashes: http://www.blushingbachelorette.com/octhrowbacpa.html

Great tips on Microsoft Outlook and more. Patty has found little secrets to tweaking e-mail service to make it so much easier and efficient. You can join the e-mail blast, which has great information every time or just visit the site: http://thundercloud.net/infoave   

Trying to sell your services or products on the Internet?  Patty (who maintains our PartyPlansPlus.com site) was really impressed with this one. Want to blast your web site information?  This is an incredible deal--you really have to look at it to see the value.  For $30 per year you can automatically register on searches, classified sections, e-zines and more.  Get your business news out there for the world to see Online Classified Club Just click here!  

Start Your Day Off Right! Sometimes it helps to get a wake-up call every morning.  That's what Your Daily Dose of Happiness does.  It's a free motivational ezine that comes to your inbox every morning. The best part is that it is mercifully short.  So you get your daily motivation in just one minute.  Sign up at http://www.TheHappyGuy.com/daily-happiness-free-ezine.html.

PartyPlansPlus.com Gifts and Services:

SongSendsations, Patty's custom song service, provides a totally unique holiday gift!! His/Her/Their own song. "I did one for a family Thanksgiving celebration and wrote in everyone's name.  The hostess gave each family a tape and keepsake song sheet--she reports that it was sensational." A sing along tribute that is an unforgettable party activity or gift to send when you can't be there. http://www.pattysachs.com/songs1.htm  A holiday special for you!!

Are you stumped for a theme?  Details of your party plan? Or the whole event design?  Give us a holiday holler and we will be very happy to work with on a consultant basis.  We can take a look at your current plan and give you suggestions to make it better or more complete--even find the possible "party pitfalls" for you.  Don't hesitate to e-mail us with your needs, we can work with you.  Our consultation page is here.

Party Planning Guides: The perfect gifts for your party planning friends, great for  novice newlywed party-givers or as guest gifts for the hosts "with the most." Our books are listed on this page.  


Dozens of sites with savings galore for your party/holiday/gift shopping.  Visit now and often as new sites are being addeddaily.

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