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Phyllis Cambria and Patty Sachs


For a stadium soiree atmosphere away from the game, nothing beats the fun of tailgating. You can set up chairs in your driveway, local parking lot or backyard and bring out the televisions or rent a large screen projector to help your guests feel as if they're sitting on the sidelines. Just let guests know to be prepared to dine alfresco no matter if the weather is raining, hailing, snowing or in the crisp darkness of night. 

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Excerpt from Pick A Party: The Big Book of Party Themes and Occasions

By Patty Sachs

Party Tactics: Tailgating

Intro:  One of the biggest contributions to the party planner's convenience store of ideas is entertaining out of the back of a hatch-back, station wagon, van or truck.  Serving a spread of food and beverage from the tailgate of your family vehicle is almost easy.  Although this method of entertaining is usually associated with attending an event and taking place in a parking lot, it can also be the main theme for a party.

 Trends, Tips & Twists:

 **Any menu can be served but the traditional fare is outdoor grill and barbecue meals with accompanying dishes.  A pig roast is a great 'porking' (I mean parking) lot activity for tailgating.  However, the roasting pig must be "sat" while guests take off to enjoy the main event, then return for the feast.

**Pot-luck tactic is commonly used in order to share the work and expense of the party by a large group.  Specific vehicles are assigned as special stations and guests distribute their item to the appropriate site.   For example: Ice and pop; cold salads; rolls, breads and buns; desserts; liquor station; serving utensils and supplies.  Guests move from station to station, collecting their meals.  This circulating is a good tactic especially for guests at spectator events who will soon be sitting for hours--only standing up to do the WAVE!

**Lawn chair seating and TV tray/lap dining is the mode of the day with folding tables, in addition to tailgates, holding the buffet.

**Activities such as running a betting pool for games, Frisbee tossing, portable TV watching, music and dancing to live or recorded music, keep the tailgaters busy.  Try a game of Tailgating Trivia, (any song, book or television program titles that include the words "tail" or "gate").  You can also create a game of Pin the Tail on the Gate using team logos or photos of a GOH (Guest of Honor) on circles of paper making the 'tails' and a target of a star or "X" painted somewhere on the vehicle.  Blindfolded guests give it a try for prizes.

Ultimate prize:

***Watch the Super Bowl live in Detroit and enjoy the party in person***


**If planned for a GOH, the giving of gifts can be produced as a progressive activity, moving from tailgate to tailgate to collect gifts with a humorous mini-ceremony at each stop. For an avid sports-fan you might arrange that each gift is a piece of wearing apparel with the team logo.  After the GOH opens each gift he/she dons it.

**For evening events, hang strings of battery operated lights to decorate the tailgate.

**Conduct a "Trim the Tailgate" contest during the holidays, organize a parade in your neighborhood, present awards and crown royalty.

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