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*       Send out your invitation attached to a happy face novelty item.

*       Create a Ying-Yang symbol on black construction paper and incorporate your party particulars using a white paint pen into the design.

*       Include a peace sign novelty with your invitation.

*       Write the invitation on a tie-dyed latex balloon so guests will have to inflate it to read.

*       Be sure to encourage guests to come in their '60s rags (clothes from that time period).

  Another great place for sixties garb!


*       Suspend strings of beads from all the doorways.

*       New wave, novelty and music stores often carry lava lamps, strobe lights and black lights. Remember, no '60s party would be complete without them.

*       Remove the furniture and let everyone sit on rugs and pillows.  For outdoor parties, create a blankets-on-the-ground setting.

*       Decorate part of your space like a fallout shelter.

*       Hang classic album covers, paper flowers, tie-dye T-shirts, and protest signs.

*       Hold a sit-in and invite guests up to make up not-so-political protest speeches.

*       Rent or borrow a Volkswagen Beetle car, park it in your driveway and decorate with removable stickers made with '60s flowers, slogans and peace symbols to get the party rolling along.

*       Day-glo and neon colors are the bright shades for this mind-bending experience.

*       Let guests try out a new look with 60s inspired hippy hats  and wigs.

*       Take Polaroid photos of your guests flashing a two-finger peace sign. Present photos in decorated cardstock frame folders.

*       Light incense to give everyone the "scents" that they're back in the '60s.

*       Put together a '60s history/trivia game and insert information about the guest of honor.

*       Play the music of the classic '60s rebels such as Janis Joplin, Jimmy Hendrix, Arlo Guthrie, Jefferson Airplane and anyone who appeared at Woodstock.



*       Paint or tattoo peace symbols, Ying-Yang designs, flowers and slogans on your guests' faces.

*       Have a sing-a-long with numbers like "Give Peace a Chance" and Peter, Paul and Mary folk songs.

*       Rent and show the video of "Woodstock."

*       Have a multiple choice contest using '60s pop culture words and expressions (groovy, freaks, far-out, killer, hippie, bum trip, etc.), history  and trivia about the guest of honor.


*       Refreshments:

*       Junk food is fine, but natural foods were very popular on the hippie circuit.

*       Serve food on tie-dye and/or smiley face paper goods.

*       Serve pots or bags of trail mix or granola (it was considered "bourgeois"  to worry about mundane things like proper serving pieces).

*       Fresh fruit was a common sweet treat.  

Set your Sixties spread on tie dye dishware (paper, of course) Click here: Theme Parties 

*       Brownies will be a blast from this past.

*       Brown rice and veggies were hippie diet staples.

*       Serve juices and teas in crockery mugs found at thrift stores.

*       Bake an organic carrot or zucchini cake for the guest of honor and guests in this communal celebration.


Party Favors/Prizes

*       Give tape or CD collections of '60s classics.

*       Peace signs, Ying-Yang designs and granny glasses make groovy gifts.

*       Don't forget to give your guests their photo put into a decorated frame done in neon colors.

*       Provide them with some treats to eat for "The Long Way Home" with granola bars sporting custom wrappers bearing the guest of honor's name.  

*   Retro party favors and decor make great take-home trinkets and treasures. Click here Theme Parties   

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