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Pouf! Instant Photos Make the Party  

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Did you know that with the universally recognized point, click and whir of a Fuji 210 instant or digital camera you can add a variety of fun and festive touches to your party?  That in addition to capturing the highlights of your special event with instant-rewarding souvenir pictures, you can plan games, decorations, gifts and favors around them?  For a picture perfect party plan feature several of the following party ideas for guest entertainment and mementos.

Photo Opp(ortunity) Offers…

·       Send an Fuji instant photo of the Guest of Honor holding a sign bearing personalized invitation information.  This is exceptionally clever for an event planned with a “photography” theme for a guest of honor “shutterbug.”

·       Send a digital or Fuji instant photo as a first clue with a Mystery Party invitation.


Photos For Starters…

·        Take a photo of each arriving guest or couple and place it in a plastic easel back frame as a seating assignment on the dining table.

  Affix instant or digital photo of a guest on a festive paper plate and cover with a clear plastic plate to set at his place.  After food has been consumed the protected photo plate can be kept as a souvenir of the event.

·       Take a photo of each arriving guest, number and post it on a “Party Mixer” Bulletin Board.  Challenge guests to show their “know-who” by  completing a form with guests names to correspond with photo numbers. Conduct a drawing from entries for festive party prizes.

·        Take digitals or instant photos of Surprise Party pre-arrival antics and display on a large poster to complete the party picture for the guest of honor and host.


Photos for Fun…

·       Conduct a Fuji Instax photo Scavenger Hunt. Send guests in teams, armed with Fuji cameras and a list of “locations and situations” to photograph. This is a fantastic “photo finish” party plan guaranteed to make a lasting impression on guests of all ages .

·        Take photos of kid party guests cozying up to a costumed character or performing a special party activity. Send the photos home in a cardstock frame hand-decorated by the guests themselves. 

·        Photograph Mom and Dad sitting on Santa's or the Easter Bunny’s lap for a fantastically popular “What did you bring me?” gift for kiddies.  Check here for Fuji Instax designs.

   Pick one of the popular Standees to use as a themed photo opp for your guests.


For a guest couples or individuals a hit photo souvenir.


Snappy Souvenirs…

·        Take a souvenir photo of guests, especially at costumed and dress-up events.  Not only do the photo sessions make a popular party activity but when presented in a customized frame, the keepsake photos are a truly appreciated take-home gift.  Create a decorative photo background or setting with a banner or backdrop to follow your theme.

Note: Festive holiday themed frames can be purchased for. $20-25 per 50 frames. The plain white ones can be decorated to match your themes and occasions. For photos of styles and ordering information 

·       Create party favors with great face value from Fuji Instax photos imbedded in special mugs, key chains, paper weights, buttons, etc.

·        Add a small strip of self-adhesive magnetic material to the back of  an instant photo to create a fun fridge or file cabinet magnet.

  Post Party Photos…

·        Make up an “Important People” album of name Id instant or digital photos taken at a First Birthday Festivity. In days to come the child will study the clearly labeled photos and will learn to put names with faces—and even to read.

·        Be a picture perfect guest and take instant photos of special party highlights to present to the host as a show of appreciation. Tie them with a pretty ribbon.

·        Take a Fuji photo of your guest of honor holding each party gift and send photo along with thank-you notes. So often gifts are not opened at the party so this acknowledges the gifts in a personal way.

·        Offer digital shots of party decorations, centerpieces, costumes or buffet table spread for any future party hosts idea file. These can even be used on a personal website, documenting the party. Tip:  Take photos of the tables and site decor before the guests arrive.

  Photos for Funds…

·        Selling take-home souvenir photos will add considerable cash to your charitable event proceeds.  Provide props, costume effects and a colorful setting for either glamorous or gimmick photo sessions. Add a clever customized frame for maximum money-making. 

Sell above-mentioned items like photo mugs, buttons, key chains and more.  E-mail Patty for Information on these products.


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