Jump right in and start surfing towards your holiday party planning success. You may already have seen the pages we are featuring here but we knew it would be handy to have them all listed on one page like this.

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Stress-Free Holidays  This is a collection written by Patty Sachs, that has been featured in several places, so you may find it familiar, but the information holds up.

Company Parties  Phyllis Cambria has written an excellent article for those of you who get involved with planning the parties for your business.  The principles apply to events of any size, whether at company site, home or in a rental facility.

Easy Decorations for Kids and Grown-ups  Tips and ideas on how to decorate your home or business with the help of kids--get everyone into the party plan.

 Decoration Safety Do's and Don't's  help you to make your party site beautiful with safety in mind.  This is a  very informative list of checkpoints..

New Year's Party Themes  Plan your last-night-of-the-year festivity with a theme, this year. Great ideas to make your party the best of both years!  This was written for 2001, and will be updated nearer to New Years.

Fantastic Football Bowl Parties  Football games provide a focal point for parties all during the football season. Although it is after the big holiday rush, you will be planning your Super Bowl Party right along with your actual holiday season events.  These ideas will give you a terrific kick-off.

Munchies-in-Minutes  Those last minute drop-in guests won't throw you for a loop with this list of delish dishes that can be prepared in a few minutes.

Party Pizazz with Polaroid Pictures  As Polaroid's official  Party Expert, Patty shares ideas for every area of your event, using Polaroid products.  Lots of fun with fotos!

Party Potables  You'll find the perfect beverages for your party in this complete collection of cocktails and drinks. There is an idea to serve every guest no matter what his preference.

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